Trump Accuses China of Stealing US

Subtlety is definitely not the forte of US President-elect Donald Trump. In yet another diplomatic statement Trumo accused China of stealing the US. “You have the massive theft of intellectual property, the use of unfair fees in our companies, the lack of aid against the North Korean threat as they should, and the massive devaluation of the currency and product dumping,” Trump said on Thursday, On China.
Although there is much truth in his speech, it is not irritating and provoking the Chinese that the next president will be able to improve relations with the world’s second largest economy and the main US trading partner. At a slower pace, Trump acknowledged that “one of the most important relationships we need to improve, and we have to improve, is our partnership with China,” he said during an event in Iowa.

“China is not a market economy,” he said. “They did not follow the rules, and I know it’s time they started.” Trump has criticized China several times during its presidential campaign and generated a diplomatic protest from Beijing last week after talking by telephone with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen. China considers Taiwan a rebel province. The act was the first high-level contact between Taiwan and a president-elect or US president since President Jimmy Carter adopted the “China Single” policy in 1979, recognizing only the Beijing government.

Trump kept up his criticism of Beijing during the Iowa event that was part of a tour of thanks to the states that helped him win over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton last month. China is not currently seen as a currency manipulator by the US Treasury or the International Monetary Fund. The World Trade Organization says Chinese tariffs on imported goods are generally higher than US tariffs.


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