Apple Celebrates Ten Years of the IPhone

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On January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs took the stage at the Macworld fair in San Francisco, United States, to reinvent cell phone and make history with the launch of the iPhone. Ten years later, the device has sold more than 1 billion units and made Apple the most valuable company in the world.

“Today we are going to make history. We’ll be introducing three breakthrough products: an iPod with tactile control, a revolutionary cell phone, and an advanced Internet connection device. There are three different devices. It’s one and we call it the iPhone, “said Apple’s then chief executive. “Today, Apple is revolutionizing the phone.”

It was a rectangular device with touch screen, without physical keyboard or stylus pen as the competitors of the time, with connection to the internet and camera. The key to product success, experts say, was the combination of all elements, as well as the combination of hardware and software, into a single device, very simple to use by anyone.

“It has revolutionized the way we interact with information, with the internet working on a mobile phone. That’s what the iPhone did: take a small personal computer around the world, a terminal that allowed you to be always connected to different services and all kinds of information, “says Apple analyst IDC Francisco Jerónimo. “And not only was it revolutionary by hardware or the screen. Apple has introduced a completely new ecosystem, that of applications. “

The combination of hardware and software that sought to provide the user with an accessible and easy-to-use experience was another key to the success of the phone, says Apple Aznar’s Applesfera product coordinator. “What made the iPhone a phenomenon was the combination of hardware and software, the fluid, natural user experience it offered. It was a great revolution to make mobile internet something easy and affordable for everyone, “Aznar said.

The IDC analyst admitted that when Jobs, dressed in his traditional black shirt and jeans, used his presentation to present the iPhone it was difficult to glimpse that the “revolution was about to arrive.” “The smartphone concept was starting,” he said.

In a short time, users and competitors knew the potential of the new phone. In ten years, the iPhone sold more than 1 billion units and marked for part of the decade the passage of a millionaire and innovative industry. The iPhone has changed the mobile phone market, with other companies following the path opened by Apple.

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