Islamic State Threatens to Attacks in Russia

The terrorist group Islamic State announced on Sunday (31) a video about nine minutes, which threatens to attacks in Russia. The authenticity of the images was not confirmed. “Listen, Putin. We are going to Russia and we will kill you all at home. Oh, brother. Conduct jihad [holy war] and kill them and fight them,” a jihadist with his face covered. The video link is circulating in Islamic pro-state groups, the network Telegram conversations. In addition to the speech, the images show armed men attacking armored vehicles and tents in the desert.

According to the text shown in the video, the action would have occurred in Akashat, in the Iraqi province of Ambar. In an interview Monday (1), the Moscow government reduced the relevance of the threat. “Probably, we should not exaggerate the importance of these shots. Certainly, as the fight expands and they are cornered, the terrorists used the tactics of intimidation,” said the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitri Peskov.

Also according to the representative, “threats” as these images “can not influence in any way, the line followed by Russia and President [Vladimir] Putin in the fight against terrorism, which continues in all directions”. Recently, Russia and the United States – fighting against the Islamic State, but separately from – began talks to achieve a higher level of cooperation in the attacks on bases of both the extremist group as against other suspected terrorist organizations operating in the area. helicopter shot down Russian Defense ministry confirmed today that an MI-8 helicopter was shot down in the province of Idlib, Syria. The information was confirmed to the newspaper Russia Today. While confirming the incident, the agency said it did not know what happened to the five people who were on board the aircraft: three crew members and two officers of Russia’s Reconciliation Center in Syria. “On August 1, a Russian transport helicopter MI-8 was shot down by fire from the ground while driving to the base Hmeymim after providing humanitarian aid to the city of Aleppo. All available resources are being used to find what happened to the Russian military, “he said in a statement the ministry.

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