Hillary Says She Lost Elections for Russian Cyberattack

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said her defeat in the November 8 election was due to the confluence of two “unprecedented” events: a cyber attack from Russia and the reopening of the FBI’s investigation into her Communications.

Hillary, who lost the election to Republican Donald Trump by failing to reach the minimum of 270 needed delegates at the Electoral College, said her defeat was due , In part the “antipathies” of Russian President Vladimir Putin against her.

Speaking at a private fund-raising event in New York on Thursday, the Democrat attributed her failure to the swings between the swinging voters in the swing states in the last hour.

Hillary said that the letter from FBI director James Comey, who revived the candidate’s misuse of e-mails when she was secretary of state within a week of the lawsuit was one of the factors that changed voters’ vote in key states , Such as the Midwest, Florida, and North Carolina.

“I think it made a difference in the outcome,” Hillary said in the New York Times.

The former Democratic candidate recalled receiving more than three million votes more than Trump nationally, which was not enough to tip the scales in her favor in the undecided states with the highest number of votes in the Electoral College.

‘Russian plotting’

The other fact that tipped the balance in favor of the tycoon, according to the former secretary of state, was the “unprecedented plot of the Russians,” which he said “should concern all Americans.”

Hillary commented that the cyberattack was not only against her campaign, but “against the country” and called for a thorough investigation in Congress because “the public needs to know what happened and to prevent further attacks.”
The former First Lady echoed information indicating that Putin was aware and personally addressed “the attack on our electoral system and our democracy, apparently because it has a personal antipathy against me.”

The United States has strong indications that Russian hackers have infiltrated the e-mails of Hillary and Republican Party campaigners with the intention of exposing their strategy and alleged conflicts of interest.

‘Personal antipathy’

Hillary said Putin encouraged the attack on a personal “antipathy” against her from the time she was secretary of state (2009-2013) and before the Russian leader returned to the presidency in 2012.
The former secretary of state, who has remained discreet since her defeat, commented that her relationship with Putin has worsened since she issued a statement condemning the illegitimacy of the 2011 parliamentary elections, which have begun to consolidate Putin’s return to power.

Putin blamed her for the historic protests after those elections against Putin, something she considered to be behind the decision to try to change the election result through cyber attacks.

These attacks exposed the e-mails of her closest collaborators during the campaign and helped reinforce a Hillary’s image in the control of Democratic Party bodies and in contact with political and economic elites.

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